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Meet 16 year old Brianna!! She was born with a brain tumor and developed life threatening epilepsy. She currently is still battling migraines, hypothalamic obesity, seizures, GI issues, urology issues, and other issues.

Brianna has had 8 brain surgeries since last May. She was in the hospital for 3 months because the first brain surgery left her paralyzed on the right side. She was discharged the end of August last year and started 5 days a week outpatient rehab. In April 2019, she ended up back in the hospital for 5 weeks due to a drug interaction which caused her to regress physically again. She spends almost 4 days a week at either DuPont or CHOP. All of this has caused her to miss almost her entire sophomore of high school and spend the past 2 summers in the hospital.

Brianna has asked for a teenager grown up room with a canopy bed, shades of purple, displays of some of her precious photos and lots of comfy textures!

Her makeover date is TBD and will be sponsored by The Peter Powerhouse Foundation,