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2019 GALLERY - click on pictures for slideshow


Meet 15 year old Peter. At 10 months old, he was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma - a malignant soft tissue cancer that affects muscles, tendons and connective tissues. He was not expected to survive...but underwent chemo, radiation and surgeries. He defied all odds and in 2013, his right leg needed to be amputated above the knee because of a tumor. He has severe hearing loss and impaired vision because of the chemo, neuropathy in both hands and left foot and has had a spinal fusion with more surgeries expected. 

BUT all of this has not stopped Peter! In 2014, he and his family started The Peter Powerhouse Foundation to not only supply wagons for local patients to use instead of wheelchairs but supplies meals several time a week to CHOP patients/families/staff, organizes blood drives and Christmas toy drives for over 50 families and more!!

He asked for a modern more grown up teenager room in blues/grays with a gallery of his sports photos/memorabilia and a comfy supportive chair for him to use to help him get ready each morning with his prosthetic leg.

We completed his makeover on January 25/26.


At age 3 1/2, Palmer's brother Garrett lost his sight and was diagnosed with Batten disease - a very rare genetic neuro degenerative disease with no known cure. Since then, the disease has progressed and he has lost his mobility, ability to communicate and has seizures. The family recently had to move his bedroom to the first floor of their home to help with care and not having to carry him upstairs.

Palmer is a caring, loving, silly, smart and helpful little brother! He has watched his brother change through his battle of the disease and his parents said he often asks why he is not as "special" as Garrett :-(

We've seen how siblings are affected when their brother/sister is sick, so we wanted to help Palmer by giving him a new "bigger boy" room (he just turned 7) and a special place of his own. He loves outer space, Neil Armstrong and legos! 

His makeover was sponsored by ATA Martial Arts in Royersford on April 27/28th.


Meet 4 year old Jeremiah! He is currently undergoing treatment for clear cell sarcoma of the kidney. He has had one kidney removed and is receiving chemo and radiation.

Jeremiah shares a room with his younger brother Titus and they both love Transformers (especially Bumble Bee), Power Rangers, Paw Patrol, Fire Trucks and Tools. Older brother Roman loves space, Fortnite and sports. We had some amazing custom pieces made especially for them and some fantastic murals!! 

His makeover was sponsored by Bentley Systems both financially and with volunteers and we completed the project on May 3/4/5.


Meet sweet 8 year old Abbie who is battling Wilms Tumor Stage 4. She has undergone surgery to remove her kidney and surrounding muscle and is currently receiving chemo/radiation treatments.

Abbie shares a room with her older sister and they asked for bunk beds. Abbie loves unicorns and the color teal; Isabelle loves science/outer space and the color light pastel pink. They both asked for a fuzzy rug, lots of pillows, soft plush blankets, a desk with "spinny" chairs and storage for their stuffed animals. Her older brother Gabriel loves history, Greek mythology and all sports. His favorite colors are aqua blue and shiny gold.

Their makeover was completed on May 31st/June 1st and was sponsored both financially and with volunteers by Bentley Systems!


Meet Mason! He is 9 years old and has spina bifida, hydrocephalus, paralysis from chest down, chronic resp failure and scoliosis. He is also wheelchair dependent/ventilator dependent/uses oxygen and has a feeding tube/trach.

We gave Mason a spaced themed room with new hardwood flooring to help with his breathing issues, a new electronic bed to help his caregivers move him more easily as he grows, new dressers for storage of his clothes since his closet is full of his medical supplies! His sisters Alexis and Rylee share a room and they asked for bunk beds, unicorns, makeup and lots of fuzzy pillows!

We completed their makeover July 19/20th.


Vincent is a sweet, innocent, baby boy who, at 4 months old, was diagnosed with ATRT, a rare, fast-growing cancerous brain tumor. This type of tumor is found in less than 3% of pediatric brain tumors. He has been fighting for his life ever since.

Vincent received a stem cell transplant in August and was in the hospital for a while recovering but was able to come home early September!

Vincent received a camping/woodlands/outdoors themed room and his older sister Mina asked for a blue and green, artsy, reading and girl hang out room! 

Their makeover was completed Friday/Saturday, October 18/19 and was co-sponsored by the Fight on Makenna Foundation.


Meet 16 year old Brianna!! She was born with a brain tumor and developed life threatening epilepsy. She currently is still battling migraines, hypothalamic obesity, seizures, GI issues, urology issues, and other challenges. Brianna has had numerous brain surgeries, hospital stays and as a result of one of the surgeries, her right side is now paralyzed. Even through all this, her smile and infectious personality shines through!

Brianna asked for a grown-up teenager room with a canopy bed, shades of purple, displays of some of her precious photos and lots of comfy textures! She needed a chair for her nighttime nurses and some storage for medical equipment. Her makeover was in December 2019 and was sponsored by The Peter Powerhouse Foundation.

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