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“Our Designing 4 Hope makeover far exceeded our expectations. Lori was

extremely attentive to my son’s desires as well as my opinions. She and her crew

gave him exactly what he asked for while incorporating Lori’s creativity and design

expertise. Everyone who sees it exclaims that it’s the most amazing kids’ room

they’ve ever seen – even better than anything you could find in a magazine! We’re

already looking forward to volunteering to help with makeovers for other kids.”

– Christine (Josh’s mom)

“Thank you for doing my room. It’s awesome! Epic! Great! The best! Cool!" – Josh

“The twins were so excited to see Steve today! I have to tell you what a pleasure he

is to work with. He is very good at what he does but mostly I’m impressed with his

respect for my house, kids and our possessions. He is so careful of his surroundings

and so easy to be around and the way he carries himself and how good he is

with my kids, he is a wonderful asset to your organization. I just wanted to let

you know.” – Becky (Gavin and Dempsey’s mom)

“We were honored by Designing 4 Hope to give our 2 children bedroom Makeovers. A special place for them both to relax and enjoy life aside from all the medical. Thank you so much! The kids are loving every minute (day and night) of their new rooms. Lauren is so comfortable – she just goes in there and plays and draws and even climbed into bed last night when she got tired. She has never done that. Anthony is sleeping and I am amazed and happy.” – Michelle (Lauren and Anthony’s mom)

“Your family and team are so kind and thoughtful. It means so much that you have given your time and talents to our family. Creating Designing 4 Hope is awesome. Your dedication to helping critically ill children is amazing. My girls LOVE their new rooms. We would like to help sometime with a makeover. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” - Kim, Mike, Korrin & Kiki

“Thank you so much for re-doing my room. I love it and never want to leave it. I’m keeping it like this forever. What you’re doing is so kind and I hope that everyone you do rooms for likes it as much as I do.” – Korrin

“THANK YOU ALL soooooooooooooo much for the beautiful rooms you gave the girls!!!!!! We can’t even express how grateful we are to each and every one of you that made it all possible! Kaylee and Emalee both LOVE their rooms so much. I can’t even explain! You truly made them feel so special and so happy! They are more beautiful than we could have ever expected……it was just AMAZING! You did not miss a detail!!!! Em has been singing away and dressing up all fancy with her new hats and stuff and Kaylee and her friends are loving hanging out in her new space……I dont think they have left the room since its been done!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Please extend our thanks to everyone that helped. Again……thank you so very much for EVERYTHING!!!!! You all are truly amazing people!!!! Please keep in touch.” Love, The Kachurka Family (Emalee and Kaylee’s family)

“I want to thank Designing 4 Hope, and all the volunteers for bringing a huge smile to all of our family, but especially Michaela’s. We met so many good hearted, giving people that day. Michaela is still in shock over how amazing her room turned out! You truly captured two different personalities in one room…and her tropical cave is absolutely amazing. It’s a big hit with all the friends! Meghan has had more girls in her room then I can count! It is exactly what she had hoped for. It was a Saturday we will never forget and one that we will always be reminded of every time we step in their rooms!” – Lisa (Michaela, Meghan and Cameron’s mom)

"The stress of Michael's illness and treatment has taken a toll on the whole family. It has been hard to relax and actually enjoy anything. Designing 4 Hope brought some fun and happiness to our home. We loved seeing him smile again! We really appreciate that they thought of Michael's sister too! Lori and her team really put alot of thought into each of their rooms...really capturing each of their personalities. They  gave our kids their own special places and in return they will always have special places in our hearts." - Marina (Michael and Laura's mom)


"When you have a child going through a critical medical event, you see them go through highs and lows. We've had many of both, but I don't know that any of the highs reached the level of Brittany's reaction to the experience she had with Designing 4 Hope. From the initial interview with the designer and construction leader to the team doing the make over and especially the reveal, Britt was truly in awe of the people and the joy that they brought to our home. Everyday that we walk into her room it's just as magical as the day they transformed it. We have to believe its because of the dedication and love that went into it." - Bob, (Brittany's dad)

"Designing 4 Hope not only provided makeovers for my home but also saved our lives literally. In all the people I have encountered on this journey of life in dealing with Sasha's illness, the people with D4H & the people from Softmart are the kindest and most caring I have ever met. Sasha's bedroom and sitting area are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I feel like saying "THANK YOU" is simply not enough to express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the hard work and dedication that everyone put into this project. I LOVE you all and God BLESS you all for being the angels that you are!!" - Lisa (Sasha's mom)


"To everyone involved with this organization. Tommorow many will be here to volunteer along with the wonderful people at Designing 4 Hope. Before the room is complete, it is important for you to know how grateful we are that you are a part of this. When my son was diagnosed a year ago at the age of 5, there were moments that through his tears and pleas of "no, I dont want to", I would always say, "it's going to get better, I know this stinks, but buddy, stay strong and good things come to such brave children." Well, here we are, one year later, chemo is still a part of our life, we have adapted to a new normal, a normal I would have never wanted for any of my children, but we are smiling and looking forward to a surprise, something completely special for Donny and his sister who both have overcome the fear of this disease. One year ago, I would have said, "I don't know how I can do this, I can't be this strong." I now realize that it is through the goodness of others that strength and motivation is found, that the ability to be there completely for my children is by the charge and support created by others. Thank you today for the smile you will give them tomorrow." - Beth (Donny's mom)


"I don't visit Facebook often anymore, but I had to thank you again, a million times over. Your team was outstanding yesterday. What they did was above and beyond. My kids are everything to me, and you have brightened their world beyond belief. I can't thank you enough. (And yes, I did sleep in Donny's room with him last night, lol)" - Don (Donny's dad)

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