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2012 GALLERY - click on pictures for slideshow


Jillian is battling a blood disorder known as Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Her body produces an over abundance of white blood cells that begin to attack her organs and cause her to have a weakened immune system. In December 2011, Jillian underwent a bone marrow transplant at CHOP, leaving her body with healthy cells and we started working while she was in the hospital. 

We carefully worked around her and kept her safe by blocking off her bedroom and the bathroom during demolition. The entire process took a week and included a new floor, shower pan, glass tile, toilet, paint, fixtures and accessories. We also gave Jillian new Dora the Explorer bedding and a new chair for her parents/nurses to be able to sit by her side while she sleeps. Her makeover was completed early January 2012.


This is 9-year old Kiki and her battle with cancer – ganglio-neuroblastoma – started at the age of 5. After numerous treatments and hospitalizations, in June 2009, she has shown no evidence of the disease and her treatment was complete in January 2010!


Kiki asked for a zebra print room in black, white, blue and purple. Her sister, Korrin, also wanted zebra as the main pattern in her own “lounge” type room. We completed these room makeovers on January 17, 2012 (despite the only snow storm we had this season!) with the sponsorship and volunteers from Tri County Area Federal Credit Union.


Please meet 5 year old sweet Emalee. She was diagnosed in February 2010 with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma and has been in constant treatment ever since. Emalee's older sister, Kaylee, also has a condition called hoshimotos thyroiditis (a type of immune disease disorder that attacked her thyroid). 

Emalee specifically requested a Fancy Nancy room with a stage that she could sing and dance on and Kaylee requested a sophisticated couture teen room in black, white and hot pink colors and paisley type print! Both makeovers were completed on February 18, 2012 with lots of volunteers who made the 2-hour trip up to Berwick with us!


Michaela is a 16 year old girl who, at the age of 1, was diagnosed with a condition called Hydrocephalus or “water on the brain.” Michaela has had over 200 brain surgeries to insert/maintain shunts and has had much of her skull removed to allow for the higher pressure.

Michaela shares her room with her younger sister, Cameron. We gave them a “separate but together” room makeover. We even turned the closet nook behind their main closet into a calm beachy reading nook. We also updated her older sister, Meghan’s room, giving her a place to hang out with her friends. These makeovers were accomplished on March 3, 2012 and were funded by Trinity United Methodist Church in Mullica Hill. They also provided many volunteers for the day and fed us all very well!


Victoria is a 6 year old little girl who was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. Two days after surgery at the CHOP, Victoria developed Posterior Fossa Syndrome, robbing her of speech and many of her gross and fine motor skills necessary for day to day functions. 


We completed Victoria’s makeover April 23-28, 2012. Tri County Area Federal Credit Union sponsored the makeover, sent a team of volunteers for the day and also supplied lots of food for us. Victoria shares her room with her older sister Coral – Victoria loves horses and Coral loves the colors purple and black. The girls also requested to have a “Beauty Station” to do nails and have fun in! We also added a few decorative touches in their big brother’s room.



Meghan's condition is called caudal regression syndrome which was brought on by her mother's diabetes and the medications she takes. She is 13 years old and has had several surgeries on her feet and one on the fatty tissue on her spine. This condition also caused her to be missing her tail bone. Doctors had told her parents she would never be able to walk...but she proved them wrong :-) Her future treatments will include bladder augmentation surgery, more fatty tissue removal and treatments on her legs.

Meghan shares a room with her sister Melissa, and we gave them new bunk beds and a dressing area, One Direction accents for Meghan and Hello Kitty for Melissa. Her brother Justin also got a black/red/grey update on his room.


Lou was 16 years old when we did his makeover and  was diagnosed in March 2011 with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma after finding a lump on his neck. After treatment, he went into remission in October 2011 but in January 2012, he relapsed and the cancer came back stronger. He underwent a stem cell transplant on August 2nd and so far, it has been successful. 

We first met Lou when he was in the hospital for the transplant and were able to do his room while he was in there for him to come home to a great new "guy space" with 76ers, Villanova and guitar decor. His sister, Robin got a purple beach themed room and his younger brother, Sam, asked for a lego/Sponge Bob room. Tri County Area Federal Credit Union sponsored his room and sent lots of volunteers (and food!) to make it possible.


Michael was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with medullablastoma, a cancerous brain tumor, in December 2011. The tumor was removed but he will continue to have chemo treatments along with physical therapy until February 2013. 

He loves the beach, music, drawing/painting and, while he is recovering, playing video games. We gave him a surf-inspired room with music accents, a huge desk area for his artwork and a new tv with surround sound. His sister, Laura, loves to dance so she received a pink and purple room with a dance room theme. His makeover was completed on September 22 with the help of volunteers from Vanguard Group.


Donny was diagnosed in October, 2011 with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He was admitted to the hospital and started on a grueling map plan of chemotherapy. He is still taking daily medications and chemo and lumbar spine punctures. His treatments will continue through until April 2014.​

We completed the makeovers for Donny and his sister, Isabella, on December 8th. He requested a jungle themed room with a loft bed and he loves the Philadelphia Flyers. We even turned part of his closet, which has a storage ledge, into a comfy reading or hang out spot. Bella wanted a tangerine and green "owl" room. Down Goes Cancer, the Joe Mak Memorial Foundation, sponsored the makeovers - both financially and with volunteers - and provided the food/drinks for the day.

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