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2013 GALLERY - click on pictures for slideshow


Britanny was diagnosed early in 2012 with lymphoma. After 10 months of chemo treatments, she just transitioned into the maintenance phase which will continue for about two years.​​On January 26, 2013, our team, along with Brittany's family and friends, completed her makeover of a turquoise, magenta and purple peace sign and music-themed room! We gave her a new trundle bed for her and her sister, Nikki, wardrobe units with lots of storage and we converted her closet into a customized craft/desk area


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Meet 17-year old Luis! In fall 2012, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of childhood bone cancer that requires intensive chemo, surgery, and physical therapy. In December 2012, he had the bones in his leg removed/replaced. Chemo will continue for approximately one year. On February 23rd, we finished our construction/conversion of part of their basement as his new "man cave" room. We were fortunate to have the sponsorship and volunteers from Tri County Area Federal Credit Union. We also had help from volunteers of Down Goes Cancer and Coventry Christian School help. We updated his sister Vivian's room in turquoise with brown polka dots and his brother Enrique's room in a Spiderman theme. 


Tony is 13 years old and was born with Friedreich’s Ataxia but was not diagnosed until age 7. There is no medicine he can take or cure for his condition however he goes to CHOP to a neurologist and does PT and OT through the Easter Seals. He has issues with his balance, but thankfully no other major struggles at this time.​Tony loves American History with a special interest in George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore. On March 23rd, we completed his makeover along with a soccer themed room and an Avengers room for his younger brothers. We were pleased to have volunteers from Vanguard join us again!


Zak has liposarcoma, a malignant form of cancer that develops from fat cells. The tumor is on his growth plate near his knee, and since Zak is so young, doctors hesitate to give the usual treatments because they could stunt his growth or cause more cancer. After undergoing several operations, Zak's tumor is considerably smaller and doctors are monitoring it. If it grows, he will have to get radiation immediately. His mix of aggressive and non-aggressive cancer cells means the cancer is likely to spread, so Zak will keep getting scans until he is 25.​He requested a music themed on May 11th, we expanded his room to include a music studio and did some updates for his 4 sisters' rooms.  


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Meet Sasha! She is 15 years old and was diagnosed at age 10 with GM1 gangliosidosis - an inherited disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells (neurons) in the brain and spinal cord and causes a shortened life expectancy. With this disease, her physical limitations will increase and she will eventually need a wheelchair.


With the generous sponsorship and help from volunters from Softmart, we completed her makeover on June 22nd. Sasha loves the Lion King movie and playing with baby dolls. We also completed a seating area and a room on their lower level.



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Alaina is 16 and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, GI and kidney reflux, is partially blind, has pituitary adenoma, high blood pressure and mild MR. Alaina has Bayada nurses to help with her home care. Alaina is also wheelchair bound. Her brother Dylan is 14 and has autism aspergers, ADHD and severe allergies and asthma.​

Alaina wanted a Bambi and owl themed room and her brother plays the drums so we did his room in a music theme. Their makeover was August 17th and was sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union.



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Meet 8 year old Branden!! He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in April 2012 and will be receiving chemotherapy treatments every day until April of 2014.


On September 28th, Branden got his new "Halo" game themed bedroom with all new furniture including a loft bed with custom made stairs to his dogs could get up and sleep with him! We also made over the room where he plays his drums with some cool music themed stuff. His makeover was another room sponsored by our amazing partners at Tri County Area Federal Credit Union. We also had a team of students from Owen J. Roberts School District come and help repair their patio area.


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Meet 5 year old Lucy! She has struggled with Mitochondrial Disease since she was only a few weeks old. At 8 months old, she was given a feeding tube (since at that time, she weighed less than when she was born) and has not eaten any food since. She was just the cutest thing and got to tell us in her soft little voice that she would like fairies, flowers, trees and ladybugs in a mural on her walls and ceiling...and curtains with ruffles. Doctors have told them she is in the end of life phase...but she continues to be strong and experience miracles! We completed her room in November.


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