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2014 GALLERY - click on pictures for slideshow


This is Sabrina! She is a bright and beautiful eight year old girl that was diagnosed on June 20, 2013 with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has been going through many treatments and hospital stays. Sabrina asked for a pink and brown leopard print room and her younger sister, Michaela, wanted a room with purple and black zebra print! Fun stuff!


We had a group of Girl Scouts raise funds for this makeover (a bowling event) as part of their Bronze Award...and they also helped us with the makeover on April 12th! 


Meet Jake and Ryan! These brothers have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive neuromuscular disorder. What sweet boys they are!


Their interests are Lego, Minecraft, fish, animals and dinosaurs. They both like the color blue and love to do art projects. We not only gave them cool fun rooms, but they will help with a plan for some of their future limitations like giving them electronic adjustable beds.


This was another project we were honored to partner with Tri County Area Federal Credit Union! Their makeover was on July 12th.


This is Hannah! While Hannah’s mom was pregnant with her, doctors determined Hannah had Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (multiple fixed joints throughout the body with an underlying cause).


Now, at age 3, Hannah can’t stand or talk clearly. Doctors still haven’t been able to diagnose Hannah’s neuromuscular disorder, besides determining it to be genetic. Since birth, she’s had eight surgeries and been hospitalized numerous times for pneumonia.​


12 year old Kristen has raised funds as part of her Girl Scout Bronze Award to help turn Hannah's garage into a bedroom for her to help accommodate her physical needs as she grows up. Hannah loves yellow and orange, princesses and ladybugs! Her brother Andrew asked for a shark/dinosaur room. Their makeovers were on August 23rd.


This is Branden! In September of 2012, Branden was walking down the street and was hit by a drunk driver. He sustained severe brain damage and was not supposed to survive. While his mom was praying in the ER that night, she heard God's voice tell her that "he will rise"...and he has been slowly rising ever since! He is still in a wheelchair but has taken some steps with assistance, is able to eat, talk, smile...he is a miracle!


Branden LOVES the Avengers...especially Captain we gave him an Avenger-themed room with an AMAZING mural on his one wall. They are converting their lower level into kind of an apartment for him so we helped with the "hang out area" as well. 


This is Abram! Abram was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect that involves several different heart defects. He has his first open heart surgery at 14 weeks old!


Abram has had other surgeries, treatments and will need possible future pulmonary artery catherization and a valve replacement. 


He LOVES baseball, especially the Phillies, so he got a baseball themed room with a custom headboard and a place to read and draw. His older brother also wanted a baseball room with a more grown up feel and his younger brother loves monster trucks and cars. Their makeover was on September 20th and was sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union.


Meet 4 year old Sean! He was diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anemia (complete bone marrow failure) in November of 2012. He's had many hospital stays, treatments, bone marrow biopsies, daily injections, transfusions and medications. In November of 2013, his mom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 4 breast cancer.


He shares a room with two older brothers and they all like army and sports stuff and playing video games. He also has four sisters...the two younger ones share a room and like pink, purple, girly things...and the two older ones share a room and like lime green and purple, lounge-y feel stuff. 


We did their makeover on October 11th and it was another project sponsored by Softmart and their wonderful employees! 


This is 8 year old Trey! In July of 2008, at the age of 21 months, he was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. It began as a tumor on his left adrenal gland, but had metastasized to another tumor behind his right eye. It also spread to his bone marrow. His treatments included chemo, stem cell harvesting, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation, and antibody therapy. He went into remission until March of 2011 were test revealed he had a brain bleed and an aneurism. Further scans showed Trey had a neuroblastoma relapse in the brain. The aneurism caused a stroke, resulting in paralysis on the right side of Trey's body as well as impairing his speech. 


He loves caves and crystals so we created his own cave room! We had some amazing volunteers from Royersford ATA to help us with landscaping and yard work. We even re-did their front porch with paint, furniture and accessories...and gave them some outside "fun" stuff to help with Trey's physical therapy. Trey's makeover was another project  sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union and we completed it on November 15th. 


This is 7 year old Justyce! She was diagnosed in 2009 with ewing's sarcoma. She had to have all of her ribs and part of her lung on her right side removed. After many months in the hospital, months of chemo and radiation, she was being tested monthly at CHOP as her case is so rare and has now been referred to St. Jude for treatment.


She shares a room with her older sister and they wanted a black/white/turquoise funky lounge type room with purple/pink/lime green accents. She also has two younger brothers who like red and blue, race cars, and superheroes. This was another makeover sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union and was completed on December 20th. Royersford ATA also helped us with Christmas gifts for the family!

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