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2015 GALLERY - click on pictures for slideshow


Meet 5 year old Graham! He was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when he was 3 and was bumped up into the high risk category early on. Hospital stays and chemo treatments became the "norm" and he will continue with monthly chemo treatments and daily chemo (lots of pills) until June 2016. 

Graham likes soccer, baseball and basketball and his favorite colors are green and blue. He has an older brother Aidan (age 7) who likes Harry Potter and a younger brother James (age 2) who likes Thomas the Train and the Disney Planes movie.


We did their makeovers on March 28 sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union and Kira, an eighth grade student who raised money for her confirmation project. 

Photo credit for Graham's profile picture - Karen L. Phillips Photography


This is 5 year old Ethan and his older sister Julianna! Ethan has tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia (which is a congenital heart defect) that led to a severe brain injury. Ethan is confined to a wheelchair and is fully dependent on caretakers for daily needs. He has oxygen, a ventilator and a respiratory vest.

Happy 2 be Home completed the construction to turn the family's office and laundry room into Ethan's bedroom and bathroom so they can move him down onto their first floor and put in ceiling tracks to make moving him easier as he grows. We came in after construction and decorate with a space theme to make it warm, inviting and functional with colors and movement that will help with Ethan's brain stimulus. His sister wanted a Dream Garden theme.  

Tri County Area Federal Credit Union sponsored Ethan's makeover and Girl Scout Troop 71465 sponsored Julianna's makeover for their Bronze Award. We completed the rooms on May 16th.


Meet sweet 4 year old Jaclyn! Jaclyn has cerebral palsy and autism. She was also born with torticollis (also known as "wry neck" or head tilt) and severe reflux. She has had surgery to stop the reflux but continues to have silent aspiration (swallowing problems where things can end up in her lungs).


Jaclyn likes pink and purple, flowers and cupcakes. She shares a room with her older brother Kyle (5) who likes trains. We completed their makeover in July.


This is 8 year old Landon. Back in January 2015, we met Landon and his family at the Saint Helena Basketball Tournament in Blue Bell. Part of the funds raised during the tournament were donated to D4H and we used them to help fund Landon's makeover! Down Goes Cancer - The Joe Mak Foundation also co-sponsored the makeover and sent volunteers to help.


Landon has been battling alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma since he was 4 which is an aggressive type of childhood cancer that affects soft tissue in the torso, arms and legs. 


Landon is a big Phillies fan so that is what he wanted his room theme to be. His brothers Brayden and Hayden are Flyers and Golden State Warriors fans and his sister Brooklyn asked for a pretty beach themed room.


We completed their makeovers on August 15th. Unfortunately Landon was in the hospital while we worked on his room but we went back on the 17th for the "big reveal."


This is 11 year old Tristan! He has severe hemophelia A with a high titer inhibitor (factor XIII deficiency which helps blood to clot). He also has elbow and ankle joint pain which cause limited mobility and severe pain. He has endured his sixth port surgery and PICC line placement, blood transfusions, multiple major muscle bleeds and blood infections.


Tristan's room theme was space/Star Wars with some Anime and a video game play area; his older sister Taylor's room theme had a space/Dr. Who/Anime theme with an art/sewing/craft area; and his younger brother Tyler's room theme was construction vehicles/race cars. We got lots of fun ideas from them!!

Their makeover was co-sponsored by Tri County Area Federal Credit Union and Dr. Emma Singh who is Tristan's doctor for his severe hemophilia/joint issues. Tristan's stepdad also just got home in August from a 13-month deployment.


Their makeovers were on October 16/17.


This is sweet 4 year old Julia. At five months old, she was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer which included 22 tumors in her brain and spine. She went through intensive treatments which reduced the number of tumors down to 4. Monthly monitoring showed they were not progressing until last fall so she has started chemo again which will last for at least one year. Please keep her in your prayers that her treatments will continue to be effective.


We helped this family by doing several much needed repairs on their home to keep it safe.



This is 11 year old Wyatt who has been battling neuroblastoma since he was 2. He has had 2 relapses and his doctors are trying to get him into an antibody therapy study in Sloan Kettering which they hope will keep the cancer away.  

Wyatt loves basketball and soccer...and his older brother Hunter likes hunting decor, and collect old licenses plates and other cool things. Sounds like fun stuff to start looking for ideas for!

Wyatt's makeover was partially funded by the 2nd Annual Barn Dance by the March family (who will also be helping with the makeover) and the Campo family! We also had a bunch of local high school students design and donate an outside Christmas light display for Wyatt's family :-)


Their makeovers were December 5th and 6th.

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